Helping the Earth Heal Itself


Introducing HarvestGold and Water Energizers


Helping the Earth Heal Itself

Water Energizers

Water Energizer

1 Inch Diameter -  For Use in:
Homes, Nurseries, Greenhouses, Small Farms

Hook product up to main line of home, greenhouse or nursery. Reduces scale build up.  Allows faster more efficient flow of water through pipes by reduction in tensile strength of H2O. 

Releases chlorine gas from water. Great for showering and baths, as energized water has shown therapeutic value much like a mineral bath.  Decreases need for detergents and soaps. Hydrates all living things.

Increases plant water and nutrient uptake. Increases plant yields. Decreases need for fertilizer.

Increases egg production in chickens and milk production in cows.

15 Year Guarantee. See Web Store for Purchase.

Water Energizer/Fuel Saver

1/4 to 1/2 Inch - Refrigerator Water Line/Auto Fuel Line
2 Pack

Featuring powerful "Rare Earth" magnets.  Hook up to refrigerator water line or water line in sink. Energized water allows better hydration of plants, animals and humans. Enables better nutrition uptake to cells and release of toxins. Increases oxygen content in blood and vital organs.

Gardening Tip: Place Water Energizers on Stem Close to Nozzle of Your Garden Sprayer! Increases Water Penetration for Plants When Mixed with HarvestGold. Decreases Need for Fertilizer!

Use as a Fuel Saver: save 10-24% on fuel (after 2 months). Increase engine performance.  Reduce carbon build-up in engine. Hook up 2 inches from engine fuel input on fuel line.

Use both Water Energizers criss crossed on same line for maximum power. See Web Store for Purchase.