Helping the Earth Heal Itself


Introducing HarvestGold and Water Energizers


Helping the Earth Heal Itself

Landscape Supplier Distributor Opportunity


 Plant Cell 

Activation Catalyst

Unique Product Found Nowhere Else in the World!

With soaring fertilizer & pesticide costs combined with extant petro-chemically polluted and damaged soils, HarvestGold represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an exclusive distributorship in the county where your Landscape Supply Business is located.

Once landscapers and homeowners realize what this relatively inexpensive product can do for their business and landscapes, people will literally beat a path to your doorway!

  • Lowers fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide & bactericide usage and overhead by 50% and more!
  • Increases health of all plants substantially, which in turn decreases harmful insect attacks on plants naturally without killing beneficial insects like bees, etc.
  • Doubles as an effective natural fungicide & bactericide!
  • Decreases watering needs while increasing plant vitality!
  • Increases vegetable garden yields by 20-30% and more!
  • Increases fruit tree yields by 20-30% and more!
  • Increases nutrient content in produce!
  • Decreases brown spots on lawns while eliminating fungus!
  • Concentrated, not watered down product!
  • Breaks down petro-chemicals in soil into useful carbon, oxygen and water, which increases microbial health of soil while releasing bound minerals necessary for plant health!
  • Helps lawns and other plants recover easier in the spring!
  • Minimizes potential freeze damage!
  • Non-Toxic        Bio-Degradable 

Getting Started!

  • Low Cost Set-Up Package Configured by Population
  • Exclusive Distribution Rights to Your County
  • No Long Term Contract
  • No Competition from Franchise/Corporate Chains
  • Minimal/Reasonable Yearly Sales Requirement
  • Homeowner and Commercial Sized Packages

Other Benefits:

  • Increased Customer Acquisition & Recognition
  • Increased Profits for Your Business
  •  Sell Directly to: Landscapers, Home Owners                     Golf Courses, Property Management Companies.            

How We Help

  1. We make sure you and your staff understand what the product does & how to effectively sell the product
  2. We include an informational packet with your start up package that you may copy and show or give to others

As We Grow - You Grow!

As You Grow -  We Grow!

For more information:
Please Contact: Pamela Gudgeon
(615) 543-8833