Helping the Earth Heal Itself


Introducing HarvestGold and Water Energizers


Helping the Earth Heal Itself

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$250 Commercial Starter Package

HarvestGold PCAC

Super Concentrate

32 Ounces

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Water Energizer 4 Pak

(for 2 sprayers)

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Commercial Starter Package Includes:

  1. HarvestGold PCAC Super Concentrate 32 Ounces Sprays 25 Acres
  2. 4 Water Energizers (for 2 sprayers)
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A proprietary concentrated, specially formulated Non-Ionic Surfactant, made from plants for plants. Made in the USA!

There is nothing like this product on the market today! It has killed Goss' Wilt, a virulent bacteria from the heartland of the country and saved a whole crop of corn in the latter stages of summer, right before the harvest! The MId-West farmer also noted a huge reduction in ear and corn borers, enough so that he didn't have to apply any more insecticide to the entire crop that season!

Another farmer from Kansas, noted a 20-30% increase in his corn and soybean crops, as well as the same testimony regarding no need to add insecticide. His watering needs went down as well.

It can also be used as an effective non-toxic, inexpensive fungicide and bactericide. While the product is killing fungus and bacteria naturally, it is also boosting the plant's photosynthesis capabilities, thereby making a stronger and more vitalized plant. In many cases, the need for expensive fertilizers is either reduced or eliminated altogether!

Made from strong, rare earth Neomydium magnets. 

Made in the USA!

When fluid passes through a strong magnetic field, the tensile strength of the fluid is lowered, which lowers the friction of the movement of the fluid, thus enabling it to more easily move through pipes and in the case of water, increases hydration of plant and animal cells by more easily penetrating the cells, themselves.

Normally, water that comes out of springs is affected by the earth's magnetic field, which actually affects the hydrogen in the water molecule H2O. This affection also enables more nutrients (select and balanced amino acids and minerals) in HarvestGold PCAC to enter the cells of the plants more quickly, speeding up the process of hydration and nutrient uptake from the soil. This process, in turn increases photosynthesis, which results in a stronger more vitalized plant.

It is best utilized attached near the end of the stem near the spray nozzle of your garden sprayer. To get a stronger effect, use 2 unit pairs criss crossed one from the other.

Whether you use synthetic or natural means to grow your crops, lawns or gardens, using this "fantastic duo" together has proven time and time again that it will not only save you money, but will give you more yield with better looking vegetables and fruit, as well as more beautiful and healthy flower gardens and lawns. Let's face it, SU-DEV-TEK's HarvestGold PCAC combined with our Water Energizers can't be beat for performance and overall cost savings!

Today's farmers, landscapers and lawn care specialists have seen a huge increase in fertilizer costs, as well as other chemical additive costs already this year, and it is predicted by Princeton Economics Professor, Martin Armstrong, to keep on climbing all the way into the year 2023 or even 2024! Food costs are soaring worldwide! We have the answer for the world's food crisis, yet farmers and consumers continue to be held hostage to the rising costs of the international corporations' petrochemically poisonous way of farming and landscaping, not only to the detriment of the land and environment, but also to the detriment of wholesome, nutritious food and poison free landscapes. 

Once you see the effects our products can do for you and your business, and in addition actually realize the huge cost savings you will enjoy by using this product, we know you will come to our way of thinking. We believe you will never go back to the old way of horticultural nonsense. Our trial offer also comes with a 10% off coupon for your next purchase, no matter how much or what combination you purchase.  We also market HarvestGold PCAC in commercial packages of 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 250 gallon totes. The cost per acre goes down markedly with volume purchases. HarvestGold PCAC has a shelf life of a minimum of 5 years.

 We invite you to become part of our ever growing family!

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