Helping the Earth Heal Itself


Introducing HarvestGold and Water Energizers


Helping the Earth Heal Itself

HarvestGold Benefits and Features Defined

HarvestGold is a superior, inexpensive natural "plant based" non-ionic, bio-based surfactant spray that has been proven to dramatically increase photosynthesis in plants.

Increased photosynthesis increases essential plant BRIX Levels and root systems. 

BRIX Levels measure plant sugars and minerals, essential for a strong, healthy plant.

A stronger plant is naturally more resistant to predatory insects, as well as virulent fungi and bacteria, cutting down and possibly eliminating use of harmful insecticides. Doubles as an inexpensive bactericide, fungicide and anti-viral agent.

A stronger plant reduces (and may eliminate) the need for expensive, harmful, inorganic (and organic) chemical additives.

Fertilizer applications can also be reduced or even in some cases eliminated, which saves money for the user
plus reduces environmental damage caused by their unnecessary overuse. 

HarvestGold  basically doubles as a  'natural plant cell activation catalyst' and 'wetting agent'.

HarvestGold :

  •   Increases yields (by 20 to 30%) and health of plants
  •  Cuts cost and usage of harmful, expensive chemical additives
  • "Reduces Toxic Load on Environment"
  •  Decreases water usage
  •  Biodegradable and helps enhance microbial activity in the soil
  •  Safe around animals and humans
  •  Both a "superior wetting agent" and natural "plant cell activation catalyst" (PCAC)
  •  Also used to clean out spraying equipment
  •  May be used to wash fruits and vegetables
  •  Great for seed germination
  • "Certified by USDA as Safe for the Environment"

Furthermore, it has been proven that plant based surfactants naturally increase the beneficial microbes in the soil by giving soil microbes carbon to feed on.  

With the aid of naturally occurring bacteria, HarvestGoldbreaks down hydrocarbons (petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides) in the soil, releasing bound minerals which creates a healthy environment of carbon and oxygen, which essential soil microbes can feed on.

"Soils that are 'microbially healthy' produce stronger plants, hence, less need for fertilizers and polluting chemicals."

The cycle of toxic damage can be reversed!  Plants raised in healthy soils produce healthier food for humans and animals. 

HarvestGold is harmless to both the environment and living creatures.

We manufacture HarvestGold  using a proprietary formula by combining natural ingredients with essential micro mineral nutrients into perfect proportions right down to the colloidal micelle level.

HarvestGold is made by plants for plants.

HarvestGold is beneficial for:

  •  crop farmers
  • livestock ranchers (hay) 
  • tree farmers
  • landscapers 
  • sod growers
  • golf courses 
  • greenhouses
  • nurseries
  • natural farms
  • homeowners 
  • gardeners
  • lawn care

  •   5-Year shelf life
  •   Available in Commercial Sizes: 5 gal. pails, 55 gal. drums and 250 gal. totes
  •   Also Available in 8 oz., and 32 oz.  Retail Sizes (see Web Store)
  •   Quantity Discounts Available
  •   Commercial Price List Available Upon Request
  •    Dealer and Distributor Inquiries Welcome

*Economics and ecology finally come together with
  HarvestGold : The Natural Way

HarvestGold Economic Impact:

By using HarvestGold, the need for harmful chemicals can be reduced (saving money) and hopefully eliminated by using the savings to transition over to more natural/organic methods of horticulture.

The consumer saves by buying a concentrate, instead of a watered down ready to use product.

HarvestGold Ecological Impact:

HarvestGold  not only helps eliminate the use of harmful petrochemicals, which bind heavy metals to the soil (causing soil sterility and ecological poisoning to the environment), but it helps break down those very same hydrocarbons into beneficial carbon and oxygen, which increases the microbial health of the soil.