Helping the Earth Heal Itself



Helping the Earth Heal Itself

An Honest Guarantee

If you are willing to document (pictures and charts) every step in the growing process, use HarvestGold as stated in proper dilutions;  if it doesn't do what we say, we will gladly issue you a complete refund upon submission and review of the documentation.

We will need a time-charted list of one portion treated with proper dilutions of HarvestGold and a time-charted list of another portion not treated with HarvestGold, with all other additives remaining equal on each portion.  In other words, the only difference is to be HarvestGold used or not used in the same time frame from beginning to end. 

This is a normal, controlled testing procedure.

HarvestGold Uses:

  • Natural Seed Germinating Agent
  • Natural Wetting Agent
  • Natural Plant Cell Activation Catalyst
  • Natural Insect, Bacteria and Fungi Control
  • Natural Plant Enhancer
  • Combats Stresses Caused by Drought or Too Much Rain
  • Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash

HarvestGold Benefits:

  • Reduces Toxic Load on Environment
  • Reduces Fertilizer Use by 50% and even more
  • Reduces Need for Pesticides, Fungicides
  • Reduces Watering Needs
  • Reduces Overall Costs
  • Increases Plant Vitality
  • Increases Crop Yields by Minimum of 20-30%.