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Helping the Earth Heal Itself

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We are currently expanding country by country, starting in Saudi Arabia.  Please click on the button (upper left) for more information. 

We are currently expanding state by state, starting in the southeast part of the USA. For more information, please click on the appropriate button on the left.

We are currently expanding county by county starting in the state of Tennessee. For more information, please click on the Landscape Supplier button to the left of the page.

Our leading product is "HarvestGold PCAC" (Plant Cell Activation Catalyst) Concentrate and Super Concentrate Liquid Spray. We also market rare earth, powerful magnetic assemblies for plant sprayers, agricultural interests (both plant and animal) and home use we call "Water Energizers". We are the manufacturer (and in some cases reseller) of all our products. We grant exclusive distributorships by county, state and country as the case may be. We will be expanding our product line as we grow.