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Helping the Earth Heal Itself

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HarvestGold PCAC 32 Oz. Super Concentrate Combo Value Pack



  1. HarvestGold 32 oz. Super Concentrate Sprays 25 Acres
  2. Water Energizer/Fuel Saver 2 Pack
  3. The Lost Ways E-Book Collection
  4. FREE Shipping 48 States 

HarvestGold is a Superior Plant Cell Activation Catalyst and Wetting Agent

HarvestGold is a Special Non-ionic Surfactant That May Be Used Alone or as an Adjuvant

HarvestGold is the Planter's Pal (makes everyone look like a genius!)

Helps Protect Against Overuse of: "Inorganic and Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides"

Helps Break Down Petroleum Based HydroCarbons (that bind metals to the soil)

Made Naturally by Plants for Plants

EffectivelyTakes the Place of Fungicide & Bactericides

Lowers Fertilizer, Insecticide Bottom Line Costs Dramaticall y

HarvestGold 1200 Super Concentrate dilutes 1199:1 with water.

5/8 teaspoon mixes with 1 gallon of water

12 gallons ready to use mix sprays 1 acre.

32 oz. is enough to spray 25 acres, initial application and as a stand alone product

Cost per Acre: $10 ($7.50 when mixed with other additives e.g., fertilizer; $5 for maintenance)

5 Year Shelf Life

Complete Mixing, Application Instructions and Safety Data Sheet Included

Non-Toxic  Bio-Degradable (Breaks Down HydroCarbons That Help Soil Microbes Flourish)

HarvestGold Puts Money Back in Your Pocket!

Ask Yourself This Question: Can You Afford to be Without HarvestGold?

FREE Shipping 48 Continguous States; Ask us for Shipping Rates Outside U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska

E-Book Collection: The Lost Ways, Over 400 pages of Survival Information plus more

Value $20   (See Lost Ways site link for more info)

2 Pack Water Energizers    Value $45

(Gardening Secret: Place the rare earth magnets toward end of sprayer, surrounding stem. Increases fluid penetration of HarvestGold mix into plants).

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